The history of shortbread goes back to at least the 12th century. They began life as ‘biscuit bread’ that were made from leftover bread dough that was sometimes sweetened & dried out in the oven to form a hard, dry rusk. Gradually the yeast in the bread was replaced by butter, biscuit bread developed into shortbread. Shortbread was an expensive luxury & for ordinary people, shortbread was a special treat reserved for special occasions such as Weddings, Christmas & New Year.

In Shetland, it was traditional to break a decorated shortbread cake over the head of a new bride on the threshold of her new home. It is rumoured to have been a favourite of Mary, Queen of Scots who was very fond of Shortbread Petticoat Tails.

Shortbread is still enjoyed today & is still a Christmas favourite with many families. Our shortbread is handmade & freshly baked the day before your special event, to arrive with you crumbly, luxurious & mouth-wateringly tasty. We follow a basic, traditional recipe which only has 3 ingredients without the use of any artificial ingredients or flavourings. We use only Welsh butter and the best quality ingredients to deliver a special favour or treat to your special event.

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We are also able to offer Gluten Free and Diabetic Shortbread.

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Loose Shortbread


Mini Shortbread in a shape of your choice - £0.25 each

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Range of Flavours


All Butter

Milk Chocolate Chips



Choice of Shapes


Mini Round, Heart & Teddy Bears

Large Round & Heart



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*Brand New Product*

Introducing our beautiful Welshcake Tower.

It can be configured to hold any amount of Welcakes and is a wonderful addition to your Wedding or Event.


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We have been awarded a 5* Food Hygiene Rating by the Food Standards Agency

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