Welsh Cakes

Welsh Cakes (picau ar y maen) are traditional in Wales & have been popular since the late 19th Century. Using only basic dried ingedients, they were popular with mining families as an inexpensive, robust cake. Miners would often take one into the mine in their pockets to keep hunger at bay. For our Welshcakes we use a traditional recipe with a basic mix that contains only 4 ingredients. They are traditionally baked on a cast iron bakestone which has been in our family for generations & is over a 100 years old!

Our delicious Welshcakes are handmade with love & freshly baked before your special occasion. They are beautifully presented, fresh & tasty to make a unique Wedding Favour. They can also be purchased loose to be served as you wish for events such as business meetings, Christenings, naming ceremonies & baby showers. It is an excellent way to display Welsh cooking at its best, our Welshcakes look appetising & inviting served at all types of events.

We are also able to offer Vegan, Gluten Free and Diabetic Welshcakes.

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Loose Welshcakes


Mini Welshcake in a shape of your choice - £0.25 each

(approximately 3cms x 3cms)

Medium Welshcake in a shape of your choice - £0.30 each

(approximately 5cms x 5cms)

Large Welshcake in a shape of your choice - £0.40 each

(approximately 7cms x 7cms)


Range of Flavours




Lemon & Poppyseed

Peanut Butter & White Chocolate

Pistachio & Lime  

Coconut & Dark Chocolate



Dark Chocolate Chips
Milk Chocolate Chips

White Chocolate Chips

Dark Choc & Orange

White Choc & Cranberry

Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut

Coconut & Lime


Choice of Shapes


Mini Welshcakes – Round, Heart, Wedding Bells, Stars, Teddy Bears (perfect for childrens birthday parties, Christenings, baby showers etc)

Medium Welshcakes - Round, Heart, Teddy Bears, Stars

Large Welshcakes - Round & Heart.


Welshcake Splits


Mini Welshcake, shaped as a heart or circle - £0.35 each

(approximately 3cms x 3cms)

Medium Welshcake, shaped as a heart or circle - £0.40 each

(approximately 5cms x 5cms)

Large Welshcake, shaped as a heart or circle - £0.50 each

(approximately 7cms x 7cms)


These delicious splits can be filled with either jam, lemon curd or Nutella.


**Brand New Product **

 Filled Centre Welshcakes


Medium Welshcake, shaped as a heart or circle - £0.40 each

(approximately 5cms x 5cms)

Large Welshcake, shaped as a heart or circle - £0.50 each

(approximately 7cms x 7cms)


These original and brand new Welshcakes can be filled with either Nutella or chocolate.



If you have a specific dietary requirement or would like allergen information, please CONTACT US


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We specialise in freshly baked, bespoke Welshcake Wedding Cakes.

Each one is individual & unique and can be made to any requirements.

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