Here at Calon Lân Cakes, we offer a beautiful selection of options to enhance your Wedding Day. Ranging from Welshcake Wedding Cakes, to Welshcake Towers, to Wedding Favours. Each one made with the most delicious, freshly baked, artisan Welshcakes or Bara Brith.


We offer a unique variety of truly Welsh wedding products which can be tailored to your suit the style of your wedding. We can provide you with quotation in relation to our beautiful welshcake wedding cakes or our stunning welshcake tower that will be competitive, whilst still reflecting the high quality of the products we provide.


Please CONTACT US if you'd like further information on any of our unique Wedding Services.


Welshcake Wedding Cakes


Our beautiful Welshcake Wedding Cakes are unique and every one is made to your individual specification. Made with the most delicious, freshly baked welshcakes, our Welshcake Wedding Cakes are a perfect way to bring a piece of Welsh heritage to your wedding. Each Welshcake Wedding Cake is completely bespoke, individually designed and created, using only the finest Welshcakes - a perfect alternative (and beautiful) Wedding Cake.


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Welshcake Tower

Our stunning, original Welshcake Tower is perfect addition to any wedding or event and looks simply beautiful. It can hold up to 330 freshly baked welshcakes, which can be served as canapés or wedding favours. It can be used as an alternative Wedding Cake too, the choice is totally yours.

Layered with the prettiest, fresh gypsophila, it's guaranteed to add something special to any wedding or event.


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Wedding Favours


Our delicious, artisan Welshcakes & Bara Brith Wedding Favours are freshly baked before your special day, making sure they arrive with you as fresh as possible. We never freeze our products, every order is completely fresh & made to order. They are beautifully presented and each welshcake package can have a combination of up to two flavours.


We offer a completely bespoke service so that your favours are presented in a style that is individual to you, to ensure that this detail of your wedding is melt-in-the-mouth & looks beautiful too.

Please see WELSHCAKES & BARA BRITH for our delicious selection of flavours.


**Our minimum order for our wedding favours is 25 x favours.**



Welshcake Wedding Favours


Beautiful sealed cellophane bag containing 4 mini welshcakes, or 1 large individual welshcake, with a hand tied ribbon in a shape of your choice -



Vintage style paper package, containg 4 mini welshcakes, or 1 large individual welshcake, with a hand tied ribbon in a shape of your choice -



Our beautiful & original Welshcake 'Lovespoon' wedding favours, packaged in cellophane, hand tied with a ribbon of your choice -



Original & unique Welshcake 'Pops'. A delicious, freshly baked, large Welshcake, packaged in cellophane & presented as a lollypop. Hand tied with a ribbon of your choice (different shapes available on request) -



A vintage style favour box, containing 4 mini welshcakes, hand tied with a ribbon in a shape of your choice -




Bara Brith Wedding Favours


Beautiful sealed bag containing a mini Bara Brith loaf, with a hand tied ribbon -



Vintage style paper package, with a hand tied ribbon of your choice -




We can add a heart shaped  tag (kraft or white) to any of the above wedding favours, we have many designs in Welsh & English and they look beautiful.


At an additional cost, we can add beautiful, mini, wooden lovespoons or hand tie fresh gypsophila.



Welshcake Wedding Favours

Welshcake Wedding Favours


Paper Packaged Favours


Vintage Style Favour Boxes


Welshcake 'Lovespoons'


Welshcake 'Pops'


Mini, Individual Favour Jars


Beautiful Bara Brith Wedding Favours


Our Mini Wooden Lovespoons


Delicious, Mickey Mouse Welshcakes



If you have a specific dietary requirement or would like allergen information, please CONTACT US

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